Important Note: As we have increased the output volume of Heavier7Strings, your previous effect rack configuration could have clip sounds. Please adjust the output volume of Heavier7Strings in your project after installed the update pack.



Notice: on each platform, two installer packages are required to download: the program package and samples package. Both need to be installed to use Heavier7Strings.

Heavier7Strings-1.1 Changelog

  • Refined some samples.
  • Refined sample playing logic which greatly improved fast repeating performance.
  • Refined fret finding strategy.
  • Added pitch shift function which allows to generate ultra-low tone.
  • Use mouse roll on effect rack. Use ctrl + mouse roll (or command + mouse roll in Mac) to fine tune knobs on effect rack.
  • Increased dry sound volume. Reduced wet sound volume on factory effect presets and patterns.
  • Fixed a bug that AAX plugin is not installed on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that factory effect presets and patterns are not installed in Mac, when their destination directory already exists.
  • More realistic velocity effect on tone.
  • Fixed a bug that lead to unstable volume.
  • Refined up/down picking on mute playing.
  • More realistic bending.
  • More realistic chord playing.
  • Refined and faster resampling.
  • Reduced latency.
  • Fixed a bug that always ask for whether to save effect rack preset.
  • Refined chorus generator in THRASH engine.
  • Added a function that auto changes fret position.
  • Adjustable right-hand muting pressure.
  • Fixed pitch of some samples.
  • Refined RR generation.
  • Adjusted some effect presets.
  • Add more patterns.
  • Fixed a bug that system reinstall would affect Heavier7Strings authentication.

If you need to download a complete setup package, please email us with your serial number to support@threebodytech.com. We will send the download link back to you within 24 hours.