The Ultimate Impulse Response Loader & Guitar Cabinet Simulator

Browsing, editing, mixing, EQing, tone matching, exporting…
Cataloged but beyond being an IR (impulse response) loader, Cabinetron would be your one and only tool to find every missing process between your amp and your ears.

Mission One: Sound Quality

You may have an extensive IR collection, but please do not waste your precious resources on an IR loader that doesn't sound good enough.

Believe or not, every IR loader does sound different, even if they share the same algorithm. and the secret that makes the difference is the rounding errors in convolution DSP codes.
Sound quality is always the first thing that matters to us. Just like Adaptive Filter Topologies that we created for Kirchhoff-EQ, we designed a noise-shaping algorithm exclusively for IR convolution, to ensure every of your IR is ‘pushing the air’ in Cabinetron.

Optional Non-linear Enhancement

A guitar cabinet can be simulated well enough by convolution because 99% of the cabinet / speaker’s behavior is linear. But what about the last 1% of nonlinearity?

Not only as a transparent linear IR loader, Cabinetron also modeled the non-linear behavior of how the voice coil moves within the magnet. With the enhancement of nonlinearity, more real cabinet-like all your IR’s will be, and more ‘3D’ your tone will sound.

Of course, you have full control of this parameter. Tweak it or leave it, it’s up to you.

Non-linear OFF
Non-linear ON
Demo Track 01
Demo Track 02


With Cabinetron’s powerful integrated IR File Browser, you can deeply handle your IR catalog, and easily start your workflow without getting lost in your massive collection anymore.

The file management system specially designed for IR’s provides you a one-step solution that allows you to search, tag, add to favorites, organize multi-path… Everything that helps to increase your efficiency and focus on the music.

400+ IR Presets

Cabinetron offers you over 400 IR presets designed delicately for various genres and styles. We hope that no matter if you are an IR expert, or just stepped into the world of IR’s, will get some flashes of inspiration from our IR presets.


Before finding more IR’s, why not tweak the ones you have first?

Also as a versatile IR editor, Cabinetron allows you to unleash your imagination to build your own guitar tones.
Whenever you would like to compare, or mix the iconic sounds of up to 8 cabinets, Cabinetron is the only tool you need to make that happen.

Spectrum Smoothing Technology

Cabinetron allows you to ‘smooth’ your IR by smoothing its spectrum. With the ‘fuzzy’ components getting removed from the spectrum, the resonant frequencies and phase chaos will be significantly reduced.

If you like, you can even smooth the IR all the way down to an ‘outline’ of its frequency response, to create your distinctive sound.

31 EQ Curve Mutations

Cabinetron is stored with 31 well-crafted guitar EQ curves that give you the ability to adapt your IR to various music styles. With the Mutation knob, you can apply the variations to any of your IR’s, which means you can get 31 different IR’s out of the original one.

‘FRED’ Miking Technique Simulation

‘FRED’ is a commonly used miking technique in the real world - to mix input signals from two microphones positioned at a 45-degree angle, then adjust the ratio of the two signals to bring variations to the recording.

The technique now gets simulated… for your IR’s! Be free to ‘FRED’ your tone with a single knob in Cabinetron.

Virtual Microphone Positioning

"Not bad. How about we move the mic 1 inch further from the cabinet?"
"It’s not a real mic. It doesn’t move…"

In Cabinetron, IR does move! Cabinetron allows you to move your ‘virtual microphone’ by adjusting its horizontal ‘position’ and vertical ‘distance’. There you get another dimension to play with your IR’s.

Speaker Impedance Simulation EQ

Speaker’s impedance often poses an awkward issue in IR production. Different power-amps that connect with speakers could generate very different frequency responses in high and low frequencies.

You have the freedom to fix that in Cabinetron. The frequency drifts brought in by the impedance get offset by a model based on physical cabinet circuits, which is implemented as a 3-band EQ.

You want a growling low end? Just push the knob way up to the top!

Frequency response of Speaker Impedance Simulation EQ

3-band EQ with HP/LP filters

Auto Phase Alignment

When mixing multiple IR’s, especially when they were obtained from different manufacturers, we always face annoying phase issues, as they all have different latencies.

Don’t bother yourself but let Cabinetron automatically align them for you with one single click.


We all like mixing characteristics of different cabinets, but it’s never easy only by tweaking the sliders. In Cabinetron’s Dimension Mixer, you can adjust the ratio to apply each of your IR’s, by simply dragging your mouse freely inside the virtual space between them.

Forget about parameters for a moment, just hover around until you find the point where your ears feel most comfortable.

Music never is something to analyze by numbers. ‘Feel’ it.


Playing around with guitar EQ is never easy, but now you have a better tool. Cabinetron features core functionalities of Three-Body Tech’s highly acclaimed equalizer - Kirchhoff-EQ, to turn the tone in your mind into reality.

Ultimate sound quality

24-band parametric EQ

10 filter types

Multi-band control

Multiple display ranges

Customizable behaviors and themes

Tone Matching

Not a feature that you always see in an IR loader, but we still decided to put into Cabinetron, in order to help you perfectly catch the spirit of your ‘dream tone’.

More or less, when we listen to certain music, a tone that comes through our ears sounds so ideal that we would like to reproduce it as a reference for our own works. It’s quite a challenge to do it authentically, but it’s time to get yourself some unexpected surprises from Cabinetron.

In the Tone Matching panel, you can match your tone with the ‘Reference’ spectrum curve captured from a guitar/bass track (or simply load the whole track), or with any preset out of over 100 classic tones that we prepared for you.

Don’t worry at all about losing your creativity. Just try mixing 50% of the matched curve into your tone! The curve can be shaped further by smoothness, processing depth, gain range and frequency range, in order to keep your own ‘sharp edges’ as you wish. If you are satisfied with the result, you are also welcome to save and share it as your customized reference preset.

Tone Matching's minimum-phase filter produces 0 samples latency that ensures a real-time playability, without causing any pre-ringing.


From and beyond Cabinetron.

Not only offering the most possibilities inside the software, Cabinetron extends your creation even outside your computer. Everything introduced above, including all the editing and processing, can be exported as a single IR file.This IR, specially designed by YOU, can be then loaded by any other software/hardware IR loader that supports .wav format.

Ready to witness the new light shine on all your IR related gears?

* Nonlinear Enhancement cannot be exported as IR content.

More Features

Auto Gain - Automatically balance volume of IR’s

Extreme optimization - Ultra low CPU workload

Double precision & special FFT noise-shaping - Transparent sound quality

Stereo In - Supporting stereo input

Doubler - One-click double tracking simulation

  • Apple silicon native support
  • Undo/redo
  • A/B switching
  • Dry/wet mix
  • Output levelmeter
  • IR browser multi-language support
  • Flexible preference settings
  • User-defined defaults
  • Customizable themes
  • Zero Latency

One more thing: Missing IR File Solution

What is worse than missing your project? It’s missing the inserted audio files which you completely lost your track of.

That will not happen to your IR’s anymore. Cabinetron saves all loaded IR content and file paths along with your project, and lets you know if the IR files were modified, or moved from their original paths.

When your IR files were missing, or edited elsewhere (content of files does not match last save), Cabinetron offers you options to keep working with the saved IR content, save them as new files, or replace them with available IR files.

Minimum System Requirements
  • Intel or AMD CPU with SSE 4.1 instruction set, or Apple Silicon.
  • macOS 11 / Windows 8.
  • 2GB RAM and 300MB disk space.
Plugin Formats
  • 64-bit VST2, VST3, AAX and Audio Unit.
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